Regionalverband Ruhr

The Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association - RVR) is the regional hub of 11 cities and four districts of the Ruhr area, with its five million inhabitants. Its headquarters are in the City of Essen, at the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis. In 2020, we celebrated the 100th birthday of the RVR. Its predecessor, the Ruhr Coal District Municipal Association, was founded in 1920.


Das etwas andere "LUFT-Bild" auf der Halde Rheinelbe.

With our specialist expertise in the environment and climate, we are making our region fit for the future.

Entwurfsgrafik vom Zukunftsgarten Bergkamen/Lünen für die Internationale Gartenausstellung IGA 2027 in der Metropole Ruhr. Grafik: ARGE Landschaft planen +bauen GmbH.

We initiate decade projects such as the International Garden Exhibition.

The Ruhr Parliament makes decisions regarding the work of the Ruhr Regional Association.

Blick in den Zuschauerraum des Theaters Oberhausen.

We promote the diversity of cultural life in the Ruhr Metropolis.

Die Erzbahntrasse - Rad- und Wanderweg über ehemalige Bahntrasse von Bochum über Herne nach Gelsenkirchen.

Quality of life in the Ruhr area includes an attractive leisure infrastructure.

Keyvisual "The right place. The right time." zur Standortmarketing-Kampagne "Stadt der Städte", 2020.

With the “City of Cities” campaign, the Ruhr Metropolis promotes the location at the heart of Europe.

We are currently developing a new spatial vision for the future of land use in the Ruhr area – the Ruhr Regional Plan.

Mobilitätskonferenz Metropole Ruhr 2017 - Gruppe im Gespräch

Ideas for the mobility of the future and specific local road construction projects – we do both.

Im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Ankerpunkt der Route Industriekultur.

We are the experts. Since 1920, the RVR has been supporting the development of the Ruhr area.

 Leuchtschrift "Europa" an der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. Foto: RVR/Büttner

In the field of European Affairs, the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) follows a twofold mission.