Quality of life in the Ruhr area includes an attractive leisure infrastructure. This includes the Revierparks and leisure centres of the RVR throughout the region and the dense cycle path network.

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Die Erzbahntrasse - Rad- und Wanderweg über ehemalige Bahntrasse von Bochum über Herne nach Gelsenkirchen.
The Ore Rail Trail - a cycling and hiking path along a former railway trail from Bochum via Herne to Gelsenkirchen. © RVR/Wiciok

The parks, which the RVR operates together with municipal partners locally, provide Ruhr area residents with relaxing green spaces and attractive facilities for meeting up, for education and for games. 

The Revierparks and leisure centres are almost all operated by the RVR subsidiary Freizeitmetropole Ruhr.

Together with the local municipalities, the RVR constructs and maintains the dense cycle path network, which has primarily come about on former railway trails. The paths are popular with tourists, commuters and leisure cyclists.

Info on the cycle path network: - English version

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Die neue Waldpromenade in der Haard zwischen Marl und Oer-Erkenschwick.
Hiking path near Haard forest. © RVR/Wiciok

Particularly typical of the Ruhr area: The spoil tips - the artificial hills made from excess rock and earth excavated during mining, have today become green local recreation areas, frequently with works of art at the top on the plateau. Almost all of them are owned by the RVR, which is responsible for their expansion, care and maintenance. It regularly invites the public to excursions and events on the landmarks.

The extensive woodlands owned by the RVR, which it maintains and safeguards for the public, likewise characterise the “Green Ruhr Area” and create quality of life for its residents.

Sports also get the attention they deserve: alongside numerous sponsorship activities, every second year the RVR invites young people and young adults to the Ruhr Games, a sporting event with numerous competitions and participants from all over Europe. - English version

You want to visit the Ruhr area? Take advantage of exciting offers from the RVR subsidiary RTG. Rising tourism figures attest to the popularity of the Ruhr area as a tourist destination. - English version


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