The Ruhr area wants to be strong as a region – and with the RVR as its promoter of many important projects, it has a competent partner.

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Der Revierpark Gysenberg in Herne setzt auf "Natur und Tivoli".
The Gysenberg Revierpark in Herne brings together the elements of nature and an amusement park. © RVR/Dreyße

Whether for industrial heritage or cycling mobility, the RVR delivers and designs the regional framework for its member bodies, the cities and districts. Projects and targets are thus coordinated across the respective city limits.

One important example is the Revierparks and leisure centres, which were created in the 70s as inter-municipal, easily accessible leisure facilities for active recreation, with parks, swimming centres and sauna facilities. The RVR operates them jointly with the local municipalities.

The Ruhr Cycling Region, an offer for cycling tourists, is likewise being expanded and marketed jointly. The RVR is expanding the regional infrastructure with cycle paths and signposting. Its subsidiary RTG attracts cycling tourists from Germany and beyond to the region. – English version

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Halde an der Beckstraße in Bottrop mit dem Tetraeder.
© RVR/Staudinger

Not least, the imposing slag heap landscape of the Ruhr area would be unthinkable without the RVR as a regional stakeholder. It owns over 35 of these artificial hills, progressively built up through dumping of excess rock and earth from the collieries.

Today the spoil tips are covered in vegetation, and often beautified with a landmark at the summit. They are popular excursion destinations, and also offer space for sporting and artistic pursuits.


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