The Ruhr area is a diverse region, which many stakeholders in institutions and initiatives take an interest in promoting – and this is why they seek opportunities to communicate.

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Karola Geiß-Netthöfel, RVR Regional Director, welcomed the guests to the 7th Ruhr Culture Conference in the blower house of Duisburg North Landscape Park. © RVR/Tack

The RVR sees as one of its most important tasks to bring together experts, politicians, and specialists from administrations and universities to find the best solutions for the region.

To this end, the RVR holds regular conferences and conventions on relevant subjects. For example, the annual Ruhr Culture Conference brings the cultural scene together. Many hundreds of representatives then discuss trends in regional culture.

Similar formats exist for the topics of mobility, knowledge, and social affairs.

Networks based on the professional level have also proven effective. The RVR brings together the planners from the municipalities of the Ruhr area in the planning network, and the geodata specialists in the geodata network.


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