We are the experts in structural change. Since 1920, the RVR has been supporting the development of the Ruhr area from a state in the midst of an unregulated industrial boom to a modern industrial location with quality of life.

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Paar hält sich an den Händen bei der Extraschicht 2018 auf der Zeche Lohberg in Dinslaken.
New locations for companies, events and leisure, this is the Zeche Lohberg colliery in Dinslaken.

We are actively shaping the transformation: today, former sites of the steel and mining industries have become locations for new companies, cultural events and leisure experiences.

The Industrial Heritage Trail is internationally renowned and networked, with its 25 anchor points, including the Zollverein World Heritage Site in Essen. The trail, which attracts over eight million visitors to the region each year, was started in 1999 and is a project of the RVR.

Structural change marks the Ruhr Metropolis to this day. In order to further strengthen the business location, the RVR founded the subsidiary Business Metropole Ruhr (BMR). It pools the business interests of the region’s 53 towns and cities, promotes the competitiveness of the region and develops the high-performance and innovative image of the new Ruhr area both nationally and internationally. - English version

The work of the BMR is supplemented by the international “City of Cities” marketing campaign. - English version


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