The right place. The right time.

The “City of Cities” campaign has been used since 2017 to advertise the Ruhr Metropolis as the location at the heart of Europe. The campaign aims to break down negative stereotypes and allow undistorted appreciation of the region’s potential for the future.

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Keyvisual "The right place. The right time." zur Standortmarketing-Kampagne "Stadt der Städte", 2020.
Key visual "The right place. The right time." for the "City of Cities" location marketing campaign, 2020. Image: saf/RVR

Under the motto, "The right place. The right time.", the Ruhr area markets itself as a metropolis of the future, where the greatest opportunities for development exist. A location with histories of change and new dynamics. With open spaces, networks and creativity. Every story is a proof that there is a tradition of transformation here. That great history meets young visions here. 

The campaign is a self-confident and modern demonstration that the Ruhr area is catching up in the competition between locations. While in other regions space is already getting tight, the Ruhr Metropolis has plenty of space and excellent conditions for investment and pioneering spirit.

The message to all investors, entrepreneurs, specialists and pioneers who do not want to miss a golden opportunity is therefore: "The right place. The right time."

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