For the first time, members of the public elected the Ruhr Parliament directly in 2020. The Ruhr parliament makes decisions regarding the work of the Ruhr Regional Association.

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Committee session in the assembly hall in May 2020. © RVR/Wiciok

The RVR and the Ruhr Parliament, also known as the General Meeting of the Association, make the Ruhr Metropolis a united political entity.

The Ruhr Parliament is the democratically mandated umbrella organisation for the Ruhr area, and the direct election gives it a new and more significant weight, allowing the Ruhr area to speak with a single voice. The parliamentarians were previously delegated from the municipal councils.

The Ruhr Parliament initiates action for regional networking and inter-municipal cooperation within the Ruhr area. The parliamentarians make decisions in specialist committees and the General Meeting of the Association to decide on a wide range of projects for the region.



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Regionalverband Ruhr - RVR

(Ruhr Regional Association)