International Garden Exhibition (IGA)

In 2027 the IGA comes to the Ruhr Metropolis

The Ruhr area collects its green potentials: Under the leading question, „How do we want to live tomorrow?“, the Ruhr Metropolis invites you to the largest garden festival worldwide! For the first time, the International Garden Exhibition 2027 is going to be decentralized – just as the Ruhr area itself.

The Ruhr area presents on an international stage creative solutions for questions related with Green Infrastructure and sustainable urban landspaces in metropolitan regions.

The IGA concept connects three different levels and thus includes innovative „future gardens“ as well as smaller local initiatives. This way, all people in the Ruhr metropolis can participate and become a part oft he exhibition.


IGA Information Flyer, 2022. (4 MB)Information Flyer for the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Metropole Ruhr 2027.

The IGA 2027 Metropole Ruhr is expected to create the worldwide greenest urban landscape. The image movie shows some insights about the planned exhibition.

Good to know

Already in 2016, the Ruhr Regional Association applied for hosting the IGA 2027. Shortly after that, the Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft (DGB) approved. In 2018 the Ruhr parliament unanimously spoke up for realising the event. Since Dec 20th, 2019 the IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027 gGmbH is in charge of planning the exhibition.

Logo Internationale Gartenausstellung, 2027.

Who organises the IGA?

At Dec 20th, 2019 the IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027 gGmbH was officially founded in order to organise and execute the IGA.

The institution also develops ideas about how the IGA-ares could be used after the exhibition.

Besides the Ruhr Regional Association (50.2 per cent) other shareholders are the Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft (13 per cent), the cities of the future sites Dortmund (13.1 per cent), Duisburg (10.7 per cent), Gelsenkirchen (5.9 per cent), Bergkamen (1.4 per cent), Lünen (1.4 per cent) and Recklinghausen county (4.3 per cent).

The preliminary project plan exposes Duisburg as one of the central spots of the major event. Grafic: RVR/ARGE RMP/De zwarte Hond/Raumtaktik; Post production: werk3 Architekturvisualisierung.



The five Gardens of the Future are the highlights of the Garden Festival. They also present sustainable solutions to the issues our urban region will face in the future. They are laboratories and “shop windows” for the green metropolis of tomorrow. They are an incentive for climate-neutral mobility, regional food production, and innovative types of housing. Players from the horticulture and the environmental sectors will realise their ideas here, and look forward to engaging in dialogue with exhibition guests.


The region‘s parks, gardens, and open spaces have a great deal of qualities – whether its testimonies to historical garden art or contemporary open space design. This is where we come to relax, experience what it means to belong to a community, and enjoy events. These green spaces will lend a particular structure to the Ruhr metropolis and give it a unique identity. Municipalities will upgrade these green spaces as part of the IGA 2027, thereby creating something new while also strengthening green infrastructure. This will also serve to promote sustainable and climate-resilient urban development.


The “My Garden” project will introduce greenery to home gardens, clubs, neighbourhoods, schools, and on balconies and rooftops. Greenery that’s rooted in tradition. Greenery that tells the stories of people, provides you with fresh produce, and creates spaces for creativity. In 2027, the gardeners of the Ruhr metropolis will transform the entire region into an extraordinary garden festival with the help of these projects and their partners.


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RUFIS study confirms economic efficiency

The Ruhr Science Institute for Innovations and Structural Politics of the Ruhr University (RUFIS) certifies that the IGA 2027 will have positive economic effects for the Ruhr metropolis. 9,000 workplaces are about to develop, more than 70 per cent are expected to stay within the region.

Production and income effects of up to 800 million Euro are added – 656 million Euro within the Ruhr area. Plus, important economic branches are expected to profite in an extraordinary way, e.g. tourism or residential construction.

How will the IGA be financed?

The IGA will cost around 84 million Euro. About 35 million Euro should be generated via entrance fees. Conservativ calculations expect circa 2.6 million visitors.

According to the study, the International Garden Exhibition could attract up to five million visitors. Other revenues will be generated via rents and sponsorships. The Ruhr Regional Association and its member cities and counties provide 36 million Euro.

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