Green infrastructure in the Ruhr area


With our ambitious projects to promote green infrastructure, the Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association - RVR), together with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and other partners, have embarked on a path to finding answers to the big questions and challenges of the coming decades:

How does the Ruhr area remain fit for the future? How are you dealing with climate change? How can co-habitation between human, nature and open space be thought together in the region? How can the quality of life, location attractiveness and innovative power of the Ruhr area be strengthened?

The short answer: Green Infrastructure (GI) – A strategically planned network of natural or semi-natural green and open spaces that connects both the densely populated cities and rural areas.

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Mission Statement

We have an ambitious goal: The Ruhr Metropolis should become the greenest industrial region in the world.

Securing sustainable open space and creating areas for experiencing nature and active recreation is a recognized competence of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR).

Extensive forests, connected green spaces and the industrial nature of the Ruhr area are examples of our successful work to improve the quality of life in the Ruhr Metropolis.


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GI planning

The Green infrastructure strategy is to be established as an informal planning basis for the further development of green infrastructure in the Ruhr area. It is supplemented by the Green infrastructure charter, a regional political declaration of intent.

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Within the "Green Implementation Action Program", the RVR, together with the municipalities and other partners, implements green infrastructure measures and projects in the region.

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GI Facts

Numbers, data, facts: With the Green Infrastructure fact book, the RVR, in cooperation with the Handelsblatt Research Institute, shows the diverse services provided by urban green spaces and landscapes for the people of the Ruhr area.

Additional Information - the Ruhr Conference

The flagship project "Offensive Green Infrastructure 2030" emerged from the forum "Green Infrastructure Metropolis Ruhr" of the Ruhr-Conference.

The Ruhr Conference is a comprehensive initiative by the state government to shape the Ruhr area as an economically strong and livable future region for all people. Right from the start, the process of developing the Ruhr Region of Opportunities is based on broad participation and the commitment of people and partners from all areas of society. Important impulses for the further development of the Ruhr area are to be set in five central fields of action: "Networked mobility - short distances"; "Successful economy - good work"; "Living diversity - strong cohesion"; "Secure Energy - Healthy Environment" and "Best Education - Excellent Research".

The implementation of the 74 developed and selected projects started at the beginning of 2020. In the coming years, further projects and ideas from partners such as municipalities, chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of crafts or companies under the umbrella of the Ruhr Conference will strengthen these impulses and support the development of the Ruhr region of opportunity.

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The Offensive Green Infrastructure 2030 is funded by the Münster District Government with funds from the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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